FAQ'S - Adult Events

When You Hire Tim Hall, You Will Get Outstanding, Fun, Unique Entertainment, And You Will Be The Hero Of Your Events!!!
What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, America Express, Discover Card, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

How much does it cost?

No two events are exactly the same, and there are several variables in fees. 

Variables in fees include:

  • Type of program desired
  • Audience size
  • Date, time, and day of the week (Just like hotels and airfares, some dates and times are in more demand than others)
  • Location of performance
  • Length of performance

If you would like exact pricing for your event, please provide, via telephone, on-line form or email, the following information:

1) Type of entertainment or speaking program that you are interested in.
2) What type of event are you having.
3) The date and time of your event.
4) The size of your audience.
5) The location of your event.
6) The length of program desired.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, unless waived, a “Good Faith” deposit is usually required to hold your desired date and time. 

What size audiences can you entertain?

Mingle, roving, strolling, walk around entertainment –

For mingle, roving, strolling, walk around magical and mind reading entertainment, Tim can entertain small groups of people to thousands of people.  Because Tim is mingling with the crowd and only performing to small groups of people for short periods of times there is no limit to how many people can be in the audience.

Stand up stage shows –
Banquet Room: If the audience is seated at dinner tables, then up to about 250 people.
Auditorium or theatre: If the audience is seated in a auditorium or theatre setting, Tim can entertain audiences, upwards to 1200 people.

If you have a large audience, 200 or more audience members, the use of video cameras and video projection screens are highly recommended. Video projection screens will make the performance much more enjoyable for all your guests. Talk to your venue or contact a local audio/video company with your questions about video cameras and video projection systems.

If Tim performs mingle, roving, strolling, walk around entertainment will he get to every person?

For mingle, roving, strolling, walk around entertainment, Tim is hired for a specific time period. He will entertain as many people as possible in the time frame that he is hired for. If you have a large audience, Tim may not get to perform for everyone. If you have a really large audience, Tim can provide additional magicians and entertainers.

What kind of room setup is needed for the stand up stage show?

For stand up stage shows, Tim needs a dedicated performance area of at least 12′ wide and 6′ deep.

This performance area should be:

  1. Clear of debris and clutter.
  2. Well lit, as much light as possible so the audience can see Tim’s performance.
  3. Free from mirrors directly behind the performance area.
  4. In front of all seats and dinner tables.  Do not place seats or dinner tables to the extreme sides of the performance area or behind the performance area.
  5. Should be equal distance from all seats and dinner tables.  For example, imagine the room is a football field.  You want the performance area around the 50 yard line and on the side line.  This way half the audience is to the left of the performance area and half the audience is to the right of the performance area, and both halves are about equal distance from the performance area.  Using the football analogy, you don’t want the performance area in the end zone, because some audience members may be too far away to enjoy the performance.

If the audience size is 100 or more people, for maximum viewing enjoyment, Tim’s performance should be on a riser or a stage.  Again,Tim needs a dedicated performance area of at least 12′ wide and 6′ deep.  The riser stage should be up against a wall or close to a wall. Guests should be seated in front of the stage, not to the sides or behind the stage area.

Obstacles, Pillars, etc.

Also watch out for those huge annoying pillars right in the middle of some rooms. Please take into consideration your guests so they don’t get stuck behind one of these support beams and miss out on seeing the performance.

Do we need to provide the PA system and microphones for the stand up stage performance?

It depends, for most events Tim will provide a quality PA system and microphones.  These events are usually small to mid-size local events.  If the audience size is going to be really large, or the venue is noisy or Tim has to travel, via airplane or train, to the performance, he may require the client to provide the PA system.  It’s best to communicate with Tim what the performance room will be like, whether or not the venue will have microphones and a PA system.

Do you need a table for your performance?

For most events, Tim will bring his own performance tables.  However, for stage stand up shows, it’s helpful if there is a small table behind the performance area so Tim can store some magic effects there.  

Recommendations for table sizes:

Round table, 30″ or larger

Square table, 30″ or larger

Rectangular table, 30″ x 48″ or larger


Can Tim perform while people are eating?

The short answer is no.

Other than background music, we do not recommend any entertainment or speaking programs while people are eating. It’s common knowledge, that when people are eating, there are many distractions in the room; the guests are focused on their food and the conversations around them.

Before or after the meal is the best time for speakers and any live entertainment.

Tim has performed at thousands of events and he has found that people enjoy his programs, or any entertainment/speaking programs for that matter, much more when they are not eating and they can fully concentrate on the entertainment program or the speaker.

On some occasions, with prior approval, Tim will make an exception to this rule.

Will Tim’s performance embarrass or offend anyone?

Tim is proud to say that absolutely NO ONE will be embarrassed in any way. We have all heard many horror stories of how other entertainers have completely offended guests in the audience with off color jokes and remarks.

Tim’s entertainment programs are clean, non-controversial and never rely on entertaining people by making fun or laughing at individual people. Tim likes to make his performances a fun ride for everyone and a respite from the daily stresses of everyday life. Tim’s performance motto, “We will all laugh and have fun together as a group”.

Can our company executive or a key person be a part of the performance?

Of course! Nothing delights audiences more then seeing one of “their own” on stage. Tim, will work with you to include an illusion that your key person can participate in that is appropriate for the occasion.

How can Tim assist us with meetings?

We all know (from experience!) that attention levels begin to decline right after the opening speaker. By including Tim Hall on your agenda, you’ll keep the energy and attention levels high and ensure that your message is being heard and remembered.
Tim’s unique entertainment skills can be utilized to “kickoff”, emcee, transition and close your meetings, ensuring lots of fun, surprises and audience interest.
Per your request, Tim will send or email you, the following booklets, which he has authored:
1) Secrets to Successful Events That Win Rave Reviews
2) The 7 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make When Hiring a Speaker or Entertainer And How To Avoid Them.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Do you need a stage?

For all stage and stand up performances, Tim will always needs a dedicated performance space of 12′ wide x 6′ deep.

This performance space can be on the floor or on a stage.  If the audience size is 100 people or more, a riser or a stage is highly recommended.

Do you need special lighting?

Yes! It’s crucial to the success of the entertainment program that there be adequate lighting.

Tim’s dedicated performance space of 12′ wide x 6 deep or larger needs to be well lit during his performance.                  If it’s too dark, people will not be able to completely see and appreciate what they are experiencing.

 Lighting can be as elaborate as stage lights, a spotlight, or as simple as turning up the house lights during Tim’s stage performance.



If the event runs late, can your performance start later?

Most times, no.

Due to Tim’s busy performance schedule, all performances must begin (and more importantly) end on time. Sometimes Tim’s busy schedule doesn’t allow anytime for flexibility.  If the performance does have to start late, Tim may be forced to reduce the duration of his performance, in order to accommodate his performance schedule for the rest of the day.

with this so I do please ask for your cooperation. If you have to start me late, I may be forced to reduce the duration of the performance to accommodate my schedule. Please give yourself some cushion when planning your event’s timeline. Be realistic on how long it may take to serve all of your guests so that I’m not forced to begin while they are still eating.

Why Hire Tim Hall VS. Someone Else

Great question! We realize you have choices and totally appreciate your interest and concerns regarding this important decision.

Here are 9 powerful reasons you can rest assured Tim Hall will help make your events amazingly success, fun and memorable.
1) References, Reviews, and Testimonials.  How can you be confident that the person you hire is really good?  Every speaker and entertainer claims to be good, but that certainly isn’t any assurance, is it? The best way to know is by what other event planners and clients have to say. Tim has hundreds of thank you notes, references, reviews and testimonial letters from other satisfied customers.
These testimonials are available on request or can be viewed on this website.

2) Professionalism.  Your Event Will Run Smoothly Because You Are Dealing With A True Professional! 
Thousands of individuals and companies have utilized Tim’s unique presentations to make their events memorable, successful, and fun. Tim has performed for Fortune 500 Companies. Tim’s corporate client list includes: Comcast Cablevision, Dupont, GTE, Johnson & Johnson, KFC, Legg Mason, Lipton, McDonalds, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, United States Navy, Verizon Communications, Zurich Insurance just to name a few.

3) Your Group Will Leave Your Event Feeling Inspired, Uplifted, and Empowered (This statement applies to motivational programs)! 
Imagine everyone discovering how to unleash their inner power, achieve results faster than ever, and be more productive all while being entertained! Not only will everyone leave your event feeling great about themselves, your company, and you for creating such a memorable event, they will be armed with breakthrough strategies that will have a positive impact on their professional lives, their personal lives, and your business.
4) Tim Will Make Your Group Feel Special By Creating A Customized Presentation! 
Tim doesn’t present “off the shelf” programs! Based on your answers to your client questionnaire, Tim will create a unique presentation for your group. This is a super important benefit! People will enjoy the program and remember it for a LONG time because the presentation was created especially for them.

5) Lots Of Audience Involvement Makes Your Event More Enjoyable For Everyone! 
Your key executives, employees and guests are the real stars of Tim’s presentation.
You can rest assured that although Tim has fun with the audience volunteers, they are treated with respect and are never embarrassed. Tim is courteous, considerate, friendly, kind and polite to all audience members. People want to participate in his programs because it is enjoyable for them and also for the rest of your group.
6) Tim Will Make Planning Your Event Easy and Hassle Free! 
Worrying about whether the speaker or entertainer is going to show up on time or show up at all and having to deal with his or her “special requests” can add a lot of undue stress and frustration to an event planner’s life. Tim takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry. Here’s how he does this: He will contact you at least one week before your event so you can have peace of mind knowing that your speaker and entertainer will be at your event. He will contact your meeting facility to arrange the details for his program. He will arrive to your event on time, guaranteed. Not only will Tim help make your event be exciting, successful, and fun he will also make planning your event much easier and a lot less stressful.
7) Tim can provide you with a quality demo tape/DVD so you can get a good feel for his entertainment programs and his personality.
You deserve to see what you are paying for in advance. Many entertainers and speakers can do a great job of selling themselves on the telephone but can they actually deliver the results they promise. Are they entertaining, do they utilize clean comedy, do they treat their audience with respect, are they professional and polished?
Per your request, Tim can send you a highly entertaining demo video/DVD.
If an entertainer tells you he or she does not have a demo video/DVD, or it is in the works, or you can’t trust a demo tape/DVD because anyone can look good with today’s special effects and editing – This person is only trying to cover up the fact that they do not have a quality demo tape/DVD
Your event is too important for unexpected surprises;
Insist to see a high quality demo tape/DVD from all entertainers and speakers.
The demo video/DVD should give you a feel for what the performer does, how he or she interacts with the audience, and how the audience responds to the entertainer or speaker.
8) Outstanding Customer Service
Tim Hall offers outstanding customer service.
Your questions, telephone messages and emails will be answered promptly, usually within hours. Tim is available (Even when he is touring around the country) for in-person telephone interviews, conference calls, and depending on his schedule, Tim may even make a pre-show live in-person demonstration to your planning committee.
9) Experience, Experience Experience!
Not only has Tim performed at thousands of different events and venues; he is
constantly improving his entertainment and performance skills by attending no less than a dozen educational conferences, conventions, lectures and seminars a year.