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Tim Hall is an award winning, nationally recognized family & children's comedy magician, and mind reader

Motivational School Assembly Programs

Assembly Programs can be fun, educational, entertaining, inspiring and motivational!!!

Each year your school administrators and PTA groups just like you are faced with the need to provide well-rounded assembly programs. Programs that not only provide attention-grabbing entertainment, but deliver important messages too! And the cost of these programs must fit your very limited budgets.

Tim Hall can help you.

Tim Hall is a full-time Maryland professional speaker, entertainer, magician and author. Tim specializes in presenting fun and educational assemblies in schools throughout Maryland and the East Coast.

  • School Assembly Motivational Subjects can include:
  • “The Magic of Good Manners”
  • “The Magic of Respect”
  • “The Magic of Reading”
  • “Reach For Success”

Other topics are available. Call or email to discuss your needed topic. The above motivational assembly programs are both entertaining and educational. This combination is the best way to teach children. Why? When kids are having fun and enjoying themselves they are much more receptive to the ideas and messages being presented.

The students love these programs because they include fun-filled magic, hilarious comedy, and plenty of audience participation, which they really love! These tools are used to get the children’s attention, open their minds, and get them to remember the messages taught in the program. Principals, teachers and parents love Tim’s motivational school assembly programs because they help to raise children’s self-esteem, feelings of self-worth and their understanding of what it takes to be successful in school and life. Bottom line, Tim’s motivational assembly programs teach the children empowering life success skills, the programs are inspirational and fun!

7 More Reasons Why You Should Bring Tim Hall’s Motivational Assembly Programs To Your School:

1. Smiles And Laughter. You’ll see the smiles on your students’ faces and hear their laughter as they learn valuable messages.

2. Amazing Magic. Your students will be astounded at the fun-filled and amazing magic. They’ll remember the magic and the message.

3. Clean Comedy. The comedy in all the programs is guaranteed to be clean and age appropriate. Tim uses different types of humor depending upon the grade levels attending the assembly.

4. Age Appropriate, Assembly Programs Are Targeted To Your Grade Levels.

5. Audience Participation. Your students are actively involved in the programs through the magic, music, comedy and fun-filled audience participation. You’ll feel their excitement as they volunteer to help with the programs.

6. Flexible Program Lengths. The typical program length is 45 minutes, but it can be adjusted to fit your school schedule.

7. Self-Contained Programs. All the programs are entirely self-contained. Tim Hall even provides a state-of-the-art sound system and microphone. Tim Hall’s school motivational and entertainment packages include the following: Really cool magic geared for children (All ages), teenagers and adults.

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Whether you are responsible for satisfying ten people or a thousand, Tim Hall will make planning your events easy and hassle free.