Why Hire Tim Hall Vs. Someone Else?

Questions To Ask When Hiring Any Entertainer???
Is The Entertainer Experienced?

Tim Hall = Yes.  Tim has been a professional magician and entertainer for over 17 years.  Tim’s first paid performance was when he was twelve years old and he performed for an audience of 800 people.  Tim has performed at over 9000 events for adult parties, corporate events, family events and teenage events.  There is no type of audience, venue, or situation that Tim has not seen.

Other Entertainer = Maybe and Maybe not.  There is a huge difference in the caliber and quality of entertainers in the community.  Some performers may only be hobbyists,  perform part time, may only perform at a handful of events per year, or the other performer is not experienced in your type of event.

Bottom line:  Tim is a proven entertainer with thousands of performances under his belt.

Is The Entertainer Good?

Tim Hall = Definitely yes. Tim has over 9000 previous clients.  Every year, for almost 15 years, Tim averages over 280 performances a year.  Many of Tim’s clients hire him for multiple events and for many years.  In fact, Tim has one corporate client that has hired him for their holiday employee party for 12 consecutive years.  One elementary school has hired Tim for their 5th grade graduation banquet for 15 consecutive years.

Other Entertainer = Maybe and maybe not. Tim gets phone calls all the time,  from potential clients who tell Tim about the horror stories of previous entertainers.  H hears comments like, “The previous entertainer was cheesy, unprofessional, the entertainer offended people, his program was not clean, etc”.

Bottom line: Tim is a proven entertainer with thousands of performances under his belt.

Does The Entertainer Have Quality Demo Videos

Tim Hall = Yes.  Tim has dozens of high quality demo videos, which can be viewed on his website. 

Other Entertainer = Maybe, maybe not.

Bottom Line:  You deserve to see what you are paying for in advance. Many entertainers and speakers can do a great job of selling themselves on the telephone, or on the internet, but can they actually deliver the results they promise. Are they entertaining, do they utilize clean comedy, do they treat their audience with respect, are they professional and polished? 

Warning:  If an entertainer tells you he or she does not have a demo video, or the demo video is being made, or you can’t trust a demo video because anyone can look good with today’s special effects and editing – This person is only trying to cover up the fact that they do not have a quality demo video.

Your event is too important for unexpected surprises; Insist to see a high quality demo video from all entertainers and speakers.  The demo video should give you a feel for what the performer does, how he or she interacts with the audience, and how the audience responds to the entertainer or speaker.

Is The Entertainer Professional?

Tim Hall = Absolutely Yes.  Tim has performed at over 9000 events.  He is the utmost professional.  Tim was a former corporate manager, trainer and event planner for Verizon corporation.  He understands the stress of putting on an event. Tim Will Make Planning Your Event Easy and Hassle Free! 

Other Entertainer: Maybe and maybe not.  Worrying about whether the entertainer is going to show up on time or show up at all and having to deal with his or her “special requests” can add a lot of undue stress and frustration to an event planner’s life. Tim takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry. From your first contact to Tim, to your questions, to the agreement, to the performance date, you will receive prompt (Within 24 hours) responses via telephone calls, emails, texts, etc.  If you hire Tim Hall, he will be in constant contact with you from the initial contact to the day of the performance.

Professional highlights about Tim:

1) You will receive outstanding customer service.

Your questions, telephone messages and emails will be answered promptly, usually within hours. Tim is available (Even when he is touring around the country) for in-person telephone interviews, conference calls, and depending on his schedule, Tim may even make a pre-show live in-person demonstration to your planning committee.

2) You will receive quick responses from all your questions and inquires.

3) Tim will always dress appropriate for your event and audience.  No cheesy costumes or business suits.

4) Tim will never intentionally offend anyone or embarrass anyone during a performance.

5) On the day of your event, Tim will show up 30-60 minutes prior to his performance.

6) Tim is 100% reliable.  For over thirty years, and over 9000 performances, Tim has never missed a performance.

Tim’s # 1 goal is to help make your event be successful.  Tim will do whatever is in his powers to assure that your event is a success.

 Bottom Line: 

 When you hire Tim Hall, your event will run smoothly because you are dealing with a true professional! 

Thousands of individuals and companies have utilized Tim’s unique presentations to make their events memorable, successful, and fun.

Is The Entertainer Reliable?

Tim Hall = Yes.  Tim is 100% reliable. For over thirty years, and over 9000 performances, Tim has never missed a performance*.

* In the unlikely event that an entertainer from Aladdin Productions fails to appear at the client’s event for any reason (Sickness, accident, traffic congestion, road closures, delayed flight, emergency situation, etc.), the customer’s deposit will be refunded and the client will not owe any money to Aladdin Productions.  Of course, we will do our best to be at your event or provide a quality replacement entertainment act.

Other Entertainer: Maybe, maybe not.  Tim’s office gets many last minute calls for events where the entertainer cancelled last minuted or did not show up at all.

Does The Entertainer Provide A Quality PA System And Microphines?

Tim Hall = Absolutely Yes.

For most local events Tim will provide a quality PA system and microphones. These events are usually small to large local events. If the audience size is going to be really large, or the venue is super noisy or Tim has to travel, via airplane or train, to the performance, he may require the client to provide the PA system.  It’s best to communicate with Tim what the performance room will be like, whether or not the venue will have microphones and a PA system.

Tim has thousands of dollars invested in quality PA systems and microphones.  A quality PA system and microphone is a must for all events.  Even small events can be difficult to hear due to crowd noise, and loud ambient noise.  If the performance can not be heard, it will not be a positive experience for the audience.  A banquet hall or a venue may say they have a PA system, it’s a whole different story, whether that PA system is accessible or any good.  We all have been to events where the PA system was subpar and the presentation was compromised.

No worries, when you hire Tim Hall.  Tim will bring a quality PA system to all local events.  This PA system can be used by the end client to make announcements, speeches, etc.  This PA system can save the end clients hundreds of dollars in AV rental costs.

Other Entertainer: Most times, No.

Bottom Line: Use caution, when hiring an entertainer that does not provide a PA system or claims they can project their voice and they do not need a PA system. 

Does The Entertainer Have References, Positive Reviews And Testimonials?

Tim Hall = Yes. Tim has hundreds of references, positive reviews and testimonials, which can be viewed on his website.  

Other Entertainer = Maybe, maybe not.

Bottom Line:  How can you be confident that the person you hire is really good? Every entertainer claims to be good, but that certainly isn’t any assurance, is it? The best way to know is by what other event planners and other clients have to say. 

Use caution when hiring an entertainer, especially if they don’t have many references, positive reviews and testimonials.