Tim Hall Is Your Award Winning Baltimore, Maryland Magician, Mentalist, and Mind Reader For Hire.

Virtual Magic Shows Available. Tim Is available for In Person and Virtually for corporate and private events in Baltimore, Maryland, the surrounding areas of Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, & All 50 United States!

Amazing Baltimore Magician, Tim Hall Provides Top Quality Entertainment For Corporate And Private Events

in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C.  And All 50 United States!!! 

Social Distancing & Virtual Magic Shows Available

Tim is fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Tim Hall magician amazes virtual zoom audience with virtual magic show
Tim Hall performs virtual magic in his TV studio

Watch These Demo Videos!

Live performance, Tim Hall, Maryland Comedy Magician, entertains a large audience at a Stevenson University student fashion show.

Tim Hall, virtual magician, virtual show demo video.

Your party, corporate event, or special event is coming up fast!

 How can you be sure to make it successful and fun?

 It’s Easy!  Just hire Baltimore, Maryland Magician, Mind Reader Tim Hall. 


  • Thousands of event planners, individuals and companies have trusted Tim’s unique blend of magic, clean comedy, amazing feats of mind reading to make their events magical and memorable!


  • Whether you are responsible for satisfying ten people or a thousand people, Baltimore magician, Tim Hall can help you. Tim will make planning your Maryland and Washington D.C. events, easy, hassle free, and super successful.


  • In the end, most of your guests won’t remember the food, the music, or the decorations.  However, they will remember the entertainment.


  • In conclusion, when you hire Tim Hall, you can relax.  You will get outstanding, fun and unique entertainment!


  • Rest assured, if you select Tim for your entertainment needs, you will be the hero of your event!!!

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    Types Of Entertainment Packages


    Tim will stroll among your guests performing intimate magic miracles, sleight of hand and amazing feats of mind reading.  

    This program is 100% unintrusive for other activities going on at the same time!

    You will be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 3 to 5 minute high-energy mini show.



    Length of time options: 1) 15-minute, 2) 30-minutes, 3) 45-minutes, 4) 60-minute

    Tim’s stage performances include clean comedy, sophisticated magic, mind reading, mentalism, experiments in ESP, illusions, lots of fun, upbeat music and lots of fun audience participation.

    Social distancing magic shows available.

    Options: 1) A Combination Package is available which can include both the stand up stage show and the walk round, up close entertainment.



    Tim Hall specializes in virtual entertainment. Tim is a master at engaging your audience virtually.  His highly interactive virtual performances include sophisticated magic, and mind blowing experiments in mentalism.  Tim’s virtual performances combine playfulness an charm that will leave your audience wowed and feeling great!  You’ll be amazed at how he connects with people and creates magic moments virtually.

    Entertainment Programs For Adult, Corporate, Family & Teenage Events
    Need Unique Entertainment For Your Adult Party or Adult Event?

    For over twenty years, Baltimore magician, Tim Hall has been creating magic moments, for thousands of Maryland, Washington DC, and adult parties & adult events.

    Sit back and relax with your friends, family and colleagues as you enjoy the enchanting and captivating magical and mind reading entertainment of Tim Hall.

    You and your guests will laugh and remember this occasion for years to come.

    tim hall corporate baltimore magician with jay Leno
    The Secret To Making Your Next Corporate Event Amazing Successful…Guaranteed!

    Tim Hall is a nationally recognized corporate entertainer, comedy magician, mind reader, and mentalist.  

    He has has helped thousands of corporations make their events be super fun, successful and unique.

    Need Unique Magic Show Entertainment For An Upcoming Family & Children Event Or Party?

    • Baltimore Magician, Tim Hall is one of the most popular and busiest family & children’s comedy magicians in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Virtual kids magic shows and magic lessons are available!!!
    • Virtual kids magic shows and virtual magic lessons are available.  Social distancing shows available. Contact us for details.
    baltimore magician tim hall performs magic on stage for teenagers-min
    Think It’s Difficult To Entertain Teenagers?  Think Again.

    • Teenagers Love Tim Hall’s Sophisticated Magic, Street Magic, Sleight Of Hand, Mind Reading, And ESP Entertainment!!!

    Check Out Tim’s Reviews Below


    Tim Hall
    Based on 61 reviews
    Diane Zake-Geslois
    20:48 04 Jan 22
    We really enjoyed the magical entertainment. Tim was a great addition to our holiday party!
    Sara Bache
    14:13 20 Dec 21
    We have used his services three times now and each time he is such a hit with our guests! We have done big celebration corporate events and smaller scale holiday celebration events as well. He can definitely cater to whatever type and size of event you are having! Highly recommend and we will be using him again in the future!
    Tammy LaCroix
    16:26 13 Dec 21
    Tim was amazing! He performed for our office party and was very impressive. He left us all asking "How did he do that?"!
    li se
    22:41 09 Dec 21
    I was holding a party at home for my 8year. Tim is very responsive for all my questions prior to the party. He showed up 30 min prior to the party to help set things up. All the magic tricks are fun and impressive, not only for the kids but also for adults. The event is about 90 min, he totally engaged all kids (12boys) attention from beginning to the end. What a release for me! And it is... definitely a unforgettable event for my dear one. Thank you, Tim!read more
    Tom Shaffer
    16:34 08 Dec 21
    Tim was the star of our annual holiday party last weekend! His walking-around magic was very impressive and his show (in front of our ~80 guests) was both engaging and memorable.I love magic and have seen several "big name" magicians in person - Tim is in that class. He is truly a master of his craft - and is easy to work with various party packages to choose from (at reasonable prices).If... you live in the Baltimore-Washington area and looking for a magician, he should be your first (and last) call!read more
    Peter LeGrand
    23:12 09 Sep 21
    Really amazing show! Did it for a work event over Zoom and Tim was very pleasant and performed some AMAZING magic! Mind blown!
    Norvell Miller
    19:51 13 Aug 21
    Tim does an awesome job with all ages!
    Gina Seyerle
    15:49 28 Apr 21
    Tim provided an amazingly enjoyable experience for my friends and family - even when it was a virtual show over Zoom! We all couldn't help but smile in response to Tim's charm and exciting tricks. He even provided a quick how-to for us as well! Thank you, Tim for providing us with great entertainment, laughter and full hearts.
    Carly F
    19:19 14 Apr 21
    Fantastic show!! Thank you again!
    Anthony Mormile
    22:05 13 Apr 21
    Tim's sincere exuberance and command of the stage dazzles in person and on Zoom alike. I was amazed that he was able to have members of our Zoom party (myself included) actively participate in his illusions without being in the same room as him or in on the secret - an extra magical feat! I was grinning ear-to-ear the whole way through. It was, for lack of a better word, magical. Perhaps an... extension of his mind-reading, Tim knows how to read a room and adjust his performance accordingly. Whether you are celebrating with the kids or this is a 21+ happy hour, you will have a great time. It's a terrific show for all ages and occasions.read more
    Michelle Palombi
    13:55 08 Apr 21
    Tim put on a fantastic show for my family and friends. Everyone was able to be involved even though it was a virtual event and we had a wonderful time. The intimacy of a small group over Zoom gave the impression and feeling of an in-person show. Excited to book him again in the future virtual or in person!!!
    Linda Palombi
    20:53 05 Apr 21
    Very entertaining!! Didn’t know what to expect via Zoom but it was actually a wonderful experience!Thanks so for a fantastic show Tim!
    Bridget Seyerle
    14:33 05 Apr 21
    What an amazing show!! Tim is the real deal. Very engaging and entertaining!!
    David Palombi
    13:53 04 Apr 21
    It was a very entertaining virtual show which had to be more difficult than performing live.
    Philip Braverman
    02:28 25 Mar 21
    Tim did a Zoom show at a family birthday. Was a big hit and enjoyed by all.
    Alexis McDougall
    13:05 23 Mar 21
    Tim has entertained at a couple of events for me - one in person, one online - and I've loved every minute. My guests were very impressed with the magic, and he is very professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend!
    Stephen Morstein
    15:39 22 Mar 21
    I have seen Tim Hall perform many times and he is always amazing and entertaining. I have had the pleasure to view his live show as well as his virtual show and I give it 5 stars +. You will certainly not be disappointed with Tim.
    Molly Neifeld
    17:08 25 Feb 21
    Tim was an amazing performer! The virtual event was very entertaining and everyone was engaged throughout the show. From kids to adults, Tim did a great job including everyone during the event. I'd highly recommend him if you're looking for a fun and unique event.
    Leo McManus
    14:47 09 Jan 21
    Tim is an amazing magician and a really fun person. He does a different show each time and is very engaging with the audience. Both children and adults enjoy his shows. Highly recommended.
    Jennifer Brennan
    04:36 09 Jan 21
    Tim with Alladin Productions is AMAZING. He has twice before performed live at our house: once at an adult event, and once at a teenagers event, and both times his performance was mind-bending. Keeping a room of 30+ teenagers mezmorized is not easy - but he did it without challenge. However, almost even more impressive was how he boggle and beguiled us adults with his mind reading and number... magic. Tim is fully adept at the "slight of hand," - but so much more.We just had Tim join us for a 50th birthday party - virtually. We were a little apprehensive that it would be impressive via Zoom. Little did we know. The show was just as engaging, fun, mezmoring, and mind-boggling. Tim is incredibly engaging even online. His set-up is so basic (technologically) that the magic still feels raw, real, and impressive. And, he still took extra time after the performance to teach a few basic magic tricks to our kids (which they are currently perfecting for when they return to in-school learning).In these crazy (and often boring) times -- we can all use a little magic. I could not recommend anyone more heartily than Tim.read more
    16:24 17 Dec 20
    Great Fun! Interactive and very entertaining!
    Tracey Rogers
    14:15 14 Dec 20
    Magic is not just for kids! Our office Christmas Party "2020 Style" was a lot of fun thanks to Tim!
    Jennifer Schepers
    22:46 13 Dec 20
    Tim hosted a work event for us and it was super fun! Even though we weren't in person, Tim was engaging, entertaining, and the tricks were great. Highly recommend!
    Kyle Dugal
    13:31 12 Dec 20
    Thank you for the show! I have not had an experience like that since before the pandemic started so it was a very nice surprise thank you!!
    Kara Scott
    01:35 12 Dec 20
    The time spent with Tim was a real treat! Highly recommend to those wanting to experience true entertainment.
    John Donaghy
    23:03 11 Dec 20
    Tim entertained our firm for a "virtual" holiday celebration. He was absolutely terrific and had an amazing sense of humor. I strongly recommend!-JD
    Matthew Aversa
    23:00 11 Dec 20
    I've seen Tim perform a few times, and he is always entertaining! Extra special this year to bring entertainment into our holiday virtual happy hour. I memorable, fund and unique experience! Thanks Tim!
    Anne Rossbach
    22:57 11 Dec 20
    Tim's magic show was very entertaining and impressive! We enjoyed Tim's show via Zoom during our office holiday party. Thanks, Tim!!
    Timothy Prenger
    22:47 11 Dec 20
    Great Energy! Great Magician! Great Show!
    Peggy Caloggero
    20:12 11 Dec 20
    Tim performed wonderfully and was very friendly and witty! Highly recommend!
    John Blair
    19:50 11 Dec 20
    Tim was great. This is the second time I've seen him. The first to was in person. Excellent energy and really connected with crowd even remotely in the Zoom. Awesome for virtual events.
    TTG Scanning
    19:45 11 Dec 20
    Tim did a virtual show for our Christmas luncheon, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun interacting with him, even though it was all done virtually! Good Show!
    Glenn Cook
    19:45 11 Dec 20
    Tim performed a virtual Magic Show for our Company's Christmas Party and did a spectacular show under very tough conditions over the internet. Very entertaining show!!!!
    Ming-Yu Chien
    19:39 11 Dec 20
    Great mind-reading magic!
    Francine Brownley
    19:38 11 Dec 20
    I have seen Tim in person, his virtual show was just as awesome!!!Thanks Tim you are amazing!
    Hylton Joffe
    02:25 08 Nov 20
    Tim was easy to work with, professional, reasonably priced and put on an amazing show that we all enjoyed - both kids and adults alike. He did an outdoor, socially distanced event because of Covid with creative magic and mind reading. Hire Tim for your next magic show - you won’t be disappointed!
    Ashley Brewer
    22:13 19 Oct 20
    Lots of laughter! Tim was able to bring the magic and fun to the outdoor open air. That was AMAZING is what we kept hearing. Thanks Tim!
    Carolyn Beinstein
    23:54 15 Sep 20
    I’ve had the privilege of seeing Tim Hall at several events and always have a fantastic experience. His talent is so entertaining and magical!! I look forward to seeing Tim perform at more events!
    Becky Webb
    15:24 03 Sep 20
    We hosted a social distancing outdoor grass party for our kids and one friend each to celebrate back to school. We felt our kids had not had much fun this summer so we decided to do something a little different. Tim was great and took all the precautions and we felt very comfortable. The best part we heard kids laughing!!!!
    Linda Wise
    06:11 26 Aug 20
    So talented and entertaining!
    Sally Rejas
    15:43 10 Aug 20
    Tim was absolutely AMAZING! Very responsive when planning an event after COVID challenges. My family and close friends were wowed by all his tricks and presentations. He even finished the night with a show and special shout-out to the birthday girl! Loved it! Everyone keeps asking me and wondering when is the next event!! Thank you for making our event one to remember!!!
    Charmaine Thomas
    21:58 09 Aug 20
    I have been lucky enough to see Tim on multiple occasions, and at all different types of shows. I was amazed by his stage shows at the National Theater in Washington, DC and Magooby’s Joke House in Baltimore, MD. Tim’s up close magic at smaller gatherings was extremely entertaining, and got everyone excited and involved. Most recently, I was able to see Tim do a virtual benefit show for... Doctors Without Borders, and I was impressed by his ability to engage a virtual audience. Tim has great energy, and he is wonderfully interactive with kids, teens, and adults. I highly recommend Tim Hall for any type of event or gathering!read more
    Chaya Wexler
    23:55 08 Aug 20
    My husband and I went to a performance of Tim's before the pandemic. This was a live event to which we had VIP front row seating.Tim's performance was engaging, entertaining, and fun to watch, and had everyone baffled. Tim's repertoire of magical effects was carried our smoothly and he kept the audience on their toes, as well as being mystified. He had a number of giveaways as souvenirs. All... in all, it was an extremely enjoyable evening.read more
    Holly Parks
    22:17 06 Aug 20
    To say that Tim Hall is an entertainer is to say that the Pacific Ocean is big. He is more than an entertainer. He engages with his audience in a very personal way that makes everyone feel like they are part of his show. He is so very passionate about his work and it comes out every time he does a show. He cares about his audiences and it shows! We used Tim on our company's Virtual Birthday... Party video when our company celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was a major highlight for our clients, who gathered their teams to watch him do his magic. I am awed by his magic, especially the mind reading parts. How does he do that??? We would definitely use him again.read more
    Debbie Highstein
    21:22 05 Aug 20
    Our evening being entertained by the very talented Tim Hall exceeded all our expectations. Tim was very enthusiastic, personable and his audience participation was so much fun and highly entertaining. He is a very skilled and professional magician that I would highly recommend for any event.
    Andrea Parks
    19:19 05 Aug 20
    We have had Tim perform for us on more that one occasion. This time it was for Colleague’s virtual retirement party. After seeing how impressive Tim is in person I was curious as to how he would do this virtually. He did not disappoint! Tim was really entertaining and his magic was very impressive. He was so interactive and pulled different people in our audience in to participate. He really... made a connection with our retiree and made her feel special.read more
    Kara McGuirk
    20:55 28 May 20
    During this crazy time, Tim crafted a wonderful zoom magic show and lesson for my son's 5th grade class. He was extremely professional and worked with me on how to make it the best experience for the kids. Tim really went above and beyond, even crafting extra videos of instruction. He stayed on the chat 20 min longer because the kiddos wanted to show him THEIR magic tricks which was an adorable... surprise. I can't wait to see Tim in action in person someday, but in the meantime, he puts together a magical zoom show.read more
    Kate Mills
    23:48 15 May 20
    We had Tim perform for a Zoom birthday party during COVID-19 and he did an amazing job! We were so impressed with the amount of preparation he put into making sure our 7 year old had a magical birthday. Super communicative and just a fabulous show. Excellent interaction with the kids, great tricks.
    Vince Wilson
    01:05 23 Dec 19
    Absolutely enjoyed every moment of his show! He really made the audience and myself feel like they were part of the show! Definitely recommend Tim! Just wonderful Magic!
    Jennifer Smutek
    00:11 11 Jul 16
    We hired Tim to come perform for our son's 6th birthday party and we could not be happier with his services! I had seen Tim perform previously, at an event I worked a few years ago, and thought his performance was amazing. So, when our 6-year-old expressed an interest in magic, I was thrilled to learn that he also provides magic for smaller, more intimate events- like birthday parties!When I... initially contacted Tim, I had some reservations, as several people on our guest list have special needs. I knew a lot of our guests have sensory and attention challenges and that loud music, pops and fire might be difficult for them. So, I wasn't sure how we could make that work with a magic show. Tim was very thoughtful and proactive in working with me to make sure he could accommodate our guests' sensory needs and his performance was spot on. All of our guests enjoyed the show! It was so great to see the kids (and the adults) having such a great time and we could not be happier with having chosen Tim!Tim was professional, courteous, hilarious and fantastically entertaining. Usually parents just suffer through a child's birthday party, but almost all of our adult guests left thanking us and telling us how much THEY enjoyed the show. If Tim can make adults enjoy a two hour kid's party at a swim club- you know you have a winner.If you are looking to hire a magician for an event, you can feel confident in hiring Tim! I've now seen him cater to a room of 150 as well as a room of 25 and either way, he delivers nothing but his best.read more

    Maryland and Baltimore, Magician, Tim Hall Receives The National Theatre Stars Of Magic Award, National Theatre, Washington DC

    baltimore magician tim hall performs magic on stage for teenage

    Interested? Want To Find Out About Fees & Availability?

    Who is Tim Hall?

    Tim Hall is a professional magician based in Baltimore, Maryland, who has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over 30 years.

    Tim’s interest in magic began at the age of 10 and he has gone on to become one of the leading Baltimore magicians in the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas.


    Baltimore Magician

    Tim Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., comedy magician and mind reader, provides quality magic show entertainent for the following areas, Annapolis, Bethesda, Baltimore City, Bel Air, Bowie, Catonsville, Chevy Chase, Columbia, College Park, Ellicott City, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Glen Burnie, Hyattsville, Laurel, Ocean City, Owings Mills, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Towson, Washington, D.C,.  Tim Hall is available for other cities and states.  Please inquire for for more details