Mind Reading, Mentalism, ESP Entertainment Programs

Tim Hall is one of the busiest mind readers and mentalist entertainers in the country.

This unique and highly interactive program, is available as a stand up show or as mingle, roving, strolling, walk around entertainment. Tim’s Mentalism, Mind Reading & ESP Programs include:

  • Amazing feats of mind reading. Yes, minds will be read & predictions will come true.
  • Mind blowing experiments in Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).
  • Sophisticated mind illusions
  • Clean Comedy
  • Lots of fun audience participation
  • Team and trust building segments
  • Fun and upbeat music

Here are just a few examples of the amazing feats that will be witnessed during Tim’s performance:

1) Someone will write down his or her birthday (month and day only) on a piece of paper, Tim will never see the piece of paper yet he is able to decipher their exact birthday.
2) Tim will hand out a half dozen popular paperback books, a spectator will secretly turn to any page (Tim never sees the page number) in anyone of the books and yet Tim will reveal almost word for word the subject matter.
3) The audience will take a pretend vacation anywhere in the world. Tim will have three audience members randomly select the destination, the date of departure and the cost for the vacation. A sealed envelope will be opened to reveal three predictions that exactly match the audience member’s random responses.
4) Through telekinesis, objects may move on stage with no means of any scientific explanations.

Regardless of whether or not you are a believer in ESP & psychic mind experiments, there is no need to worry; your audience’s deepest secrets will not be revealed in front of strangers. Nor will anyone be embarrassed.
Instead your audience is in for an evening of amazement, comedy, fun, imagination, laughter, and child-like wonder.

Rather than tricks and puzzles, Tim creates extraordinary moments that will help make your event amazingly successful, fun and memorable.

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