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Family & Children - Entertainment Options

Tim Hall Is An Award Winning, Nationally Recognized Family & Children's Comedy Magician, And Mind Reader

Package #1

Mingle, Roving, Strolling, Walk Around Magical And Mind Reading Entertainment

One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure your guests start having fun right way…minutes after they arrive. That’s where Tim’s “walk around entertainment” comes in. Tim will stroll among your guests performing intimate magic miracles, sleight of hand and amazing feats of mind reading that happen right up close and in the hands of your guests.



Package #2

Stand Up Show, That Includes Clean Comedy, Sophisticated Magic, Amazing Feats Of Mind Reading And ESP.

15-minutes to 1-hour of stand up comedy magical & mind reading entertainment, stand up stage show. The stage show features Tim Hall – comedy magician & mind reader. Tim’s performances include clean comedy, sophisticated magic, mind reading, experiments in ESP, illusions, lots of fun, upbeat music and lots of audience participation.

Stage show can also include magic lessons for the children.

Kids Love Tim!

Option #1

Mingle, Roving, Strolling, Walk Around, Magical & Mind Reading Entertainment

Option # 2

Comedy Stand Up Magic Show

Package #3

Combination Package – Stage Show & Walk Around Entertainment

Stand up show, that includes clean comedy, sophisticated magic, amazing feats of magic and mind reading.


Mingle, roving, strolling and walk around magical & mind reading entertainment.

Option # 3, Stand Up Magic Show 

+ Walk Around Entertainment

Need Quality Entertainment or a Magic Show

for A Family & Children’s Event?

  • Tim Hall is one of the most popular and busiest family & children’s comedy magicians in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.
  • Your event is too important to trust to anyone.
  • With Tim Hall, not only do you get a family and children’s magic show, you get peace of mind knowing that Tim is professional, always on time, audience loved, and 100% reliable.
  • Tim has been in business for over 20 years. He has performed at over 5000 family & children’s events.
  • With Tim, you and the children will have a fantastic time. It will be an event that you and the children will remember for many years to come!!!

Why Should You Hire Tim Hall Vs. Someone Else For Your Family & Children Events